A name synonymous with outdoor prowess and precision craftsmanship since 1926. From chainsaws to trimmers, STIHL's cutting-edge tools have redefined efficiency and durability for professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and eco-conscious practices, STIHL empowers users to tackle any task with confidence while minimizing environmental impact.

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Power to Precision:
Unleash Efficiency with the Stihl TS410 Petrol Cut-Off Machine!



The Stihl TS410 disc cutter is compact and robust with a long-life filter system with cyclone pre-separation which makes on site maintenance unnecessary. It has extremely low vibration levels (3.9m/s) whilst also providing a high performance engine with stratified charge system. The compact design and optimised balance allow for excellent cutting and guide characteristics.

Key features:

  • Long-life filter system with cyclone pre-separation for minimal on-site maintenance.
  • Extremely low vibration levels (3.9m/s²) for comfortable extended use.
  • High-performance engine with stratified charge system for efficient cutting power.
  • Compact design and optimized balance for excellent cutting precision.
  • Compatible with 300mm cutting wheel for versatile applications.
  • ElastoStart, primer pump, and decompression valve for effortless starting.

Get A Free Battery When You Buy Any STIHL AP System Tool And Selected Battery This Spring.

Purchase any STIHL AP system tool plus an AP200 or AP300 S battery and you will receive the same battery free of charge until the 30th of June 2024.

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STIHL cut-off machines are among our best-selling products and it’s not hard to see why – they can be used for a wide range of construction tasks, whether it be for cutting structural steel, cast-iron pipes, tarmac, concrete, granite or other materials
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Having a perfectly-trimmed hedge is something that every proud garden-owner strives for. But keeping them maintained can often be a bit of a trying task, especially if you’re using manual hedge shears! Powered hedge trimmers are a great option for gardeners who want to save time, whilst still achieving impressive results.
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At STIHL, there are battery-powered tools for every task, so whether you’re a home gardener or a professional user, you’ll be sure to find the right tool for the job. We offer four different ranges of cordless power tools, but how do you know which range is the one for you?



Long service life

Lithium-ion battery technology powers all STIHL cordless tools. STIHL batteries have a very high energy density and an exceptionally long service life that makes them a sound investment. With proper maintenance and careful usage, STIHL AP system cordless tools can be fully charged around 1,200 times – assuming regular professional usage, this corresponds to at least 2.5 years. For domestic users, our cordless tools and battery systems can last as long as ten years (assuming ten charging cycles per month).

No memory effect

Any interruptions to the charging process do not impair the storage capacity or lifespan of the battery - charging for ten minutes during a biscuit break is absolutely fine. Partial discharge is also not a problem, so there's no pressure to always finishe the job with a fully discharged battery.

Lightweight, compact

The lithium-ion batteries in STIHL power tools are a manageable size, practical, lightweight and easy to handle.

Low self-discharge

The technology used in a lithium-ion battery means very low self-discharge rates. If removed from the tool and stored correctly, STIHL batteries can provide virtually the same power months later as they did when they went into storage.


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