Honda EU70is Generator Helps Break Guinness World Record

In the last season of Top Gear, presenter Paddy McGuinness achieved a new Guinness World Record for “Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van”. However, the unsung hero keeping its ice cream reserves frozen was a Honda EU70is petrol generator.

To successfully claim the title, the Guinness World Records adjudicators rules that the ice cream served by Top Gear’s homemade creation, “Mr Nippy”, must be at the right temperature and the correct, softly whipped consistency, Powered by an EU70is generator the ice cream makers onboard met these demands allowing Mr Nippy to enter the record books backed by Honda Power.

The same generator joined the Top Gear production crew in the past season and is continuing to power the show on location, with shooting for next season well underway. Keep an eye out for more stories and pictures on the generator with Top Gear.  
Shows a Honda EU70is generator next to Top Gears Mr Nippy ice cream van