Kev Taylor spearheads EnviroPad®

Kev Taylor spearheads EnviroPad®

Our commitment to supplying environmental products to the Hire and Construction industry has been an important one for many years and particularly spill control, which is a legal requirement for companies under pollution prevention legislation and failure to implement control measures can lead to fines, site closures and even prosecution.

Innovative spill products such as the EnviroPad® and Polymer Pillow that use SMART POLYMER to turn hydrocarbons like petrol and diesel into a rubber-like substance that can then be discarded in to general waste are two great examples of cleaner, greener and cost effective spill solutions we have in our range.

To create greater awareness of our spill products, we’re excited to announce the appointment of Kev Taylor as National Sales Manager for Environmental Products. Kev, has been an integral part of our business for more than 40 years and his wealth of knowledge and experience in spill control, plant machinery and workshop facilities are a great asset for us to have in this new role.

Kev said: “Once you’ve seen how spill products like the EnviroPad® work, and the benefits of using them - it’s really exciting and I believe every workshop facility and fitter should use one.”

Companies that would like to discuss spill control measures and how they could be improved can contact Kev Taylor in the following ways.

Kev Taylor - 07860 334973

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Kev Taylor Spearheads EnviroPad