Replace your Spill Tray with an EnviroPad®


The Cleaner, Greener and more cost-effective alternative Spill Pad.

This simple to use and innovative pad captures fuel and oil spills caused when refuelling and servicing plant & groundcare machinery. The EnviroPad® uses a revolutionary polymer technology that ‘locks in’ fuel and oil when spilled which massively reduces the risk of polluting the work environment. Other spill trays and pads only absorb fuel and oil like a sponge which then easily leak-out, creating further spills and polluting the environment.

MULTIPLE USE : Use the pad time and time again until it's completely solidified, rainwater simply runs through.

SAFE FOR DISPOSAL : Turns hydrocarbons into a rubber like substance, simply use the hazardous waste to dispose of safely.

CLEANER & EASIER TO USE AND STORE : No leaking, can simply be rolled up to store away - perfect for service vehicles and used in small spaces.


Once hydrocarbons such as petrol, diesel and hydraulic fluid come in to contact with the EnviroPad® it soaks through the membrane and spreads inside the pad turning it into a rubber-like mass, stopping it from escaping.  


The pad can be used time and time again until the whole pad has been completely solidified. Rain water will keep running through the pad and out which makes it perfect for outdoor use and placed in situ for long periods of time. No more will you have spill trays overflowing with rainwater mixed with fuel!.

The EnviroPad® has many applicational uses, here's examples of how customers are using the spill pad.

Watch how this revolutionary spill pad works

Take a look at how the EnviroPad® works and you'll agree that switching your existing spill tray for the EnviroPad® is a GREENER, CLEANER & MORE COST EFFECTIVE method of spill containment.

5 pad sizes to suit all applications

The EnviroPad® has evolved quickly due to the huge benefits it offers and now comes in 5 pad sizes to suit all applications. The small to medium size pads are perfect for refuelling small plant equipment such as generators. We find that these sizes are widely used by commercial landscapers for refuelling chainsaws and other machines when working, further protecting and maintaining the environment. They are also used by workshops which sit perfectly on work benches and used on the floor when service or repairing petrol, diesel and hydraulic machines.

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