Preparing Petrol Lawnmowers

Our Top Tips on How Best to Prepare Your Lawnmower for the First Cut of Spring
Image above: Gordon is draining the oil from a Honda HRX426 as part of a lawnmower service.
Spring is almost upon us and to help prepare you for the start of a new cutting season, we have compiled a quick guide on how best to prepare your petrol lawnmower for the first cut of the year.
1. If you didn’t have your lawnmower serviced at the end of the last cutting season, you’ll need to drain off any petrol from the fuel tank and carburettor as fuel goes stale and it will become difficult to start. Remember to always fill up using newly bought fuel (not petrol left over from last year).
2. Rodents, especially mice, love to chew through spark plug caps and cables, check these for any signs of damage and replace with new.
3. Clean debris from the underside of your lawnmower that’s been left over from the Autumn and wash down the inside of your grass bag, removing left-over clippings, this will keep the airflow open, providing a much more efficient and cleaner cut.
4. Wait until after the last spell of ground frost before cutting your grass and don’t cut too low on the first cut as this will distress the grass from the fresh Spring growth.
Do You Want to Purchase a New Mower or Need one Servicing?
If you are looking for a new petrol lawnmower, follow the link below or alternatively you may wish to have it repaired or serviced in which case, contact our service centre. We have a large selection of push, self-propelled and rear roller petrol lawnmowers available from the Honda, Mountfield, Hayter, Stihl and Husqvarna mower range.


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