Case Study - AJK Plant Hire



AJK Plant Hire has a fleet of plant machinery including Trenchers, Bulldozers, Excavators, Dump Trucks, Site Dumpers and Tracked Dumpers, offering both operated and non-operated equipment and specialising in low ground pressure work. The company's hire fleet is in high demand by main contractors and environmental groups due to their ability to run in wet ground conditions. AJK's contracting division carries out a wide range of earthmoving, landscaping and excavation work.



AJK Plant Hire was introduced to the concept of Polymer Pillows and the EnviroPad and within a short period of time, both products have become invaluable to their business. The company no longer has to arrange costly and disruptive tanker visits to remove contaminated water.

"We were a little sceptical about the Polymer Pillows initially, however once we placed one of the Pillows into a manhole in our yard, we were amazed at the results and how quick and easy they were to dispose of. Once floating in the water in the manhole, in no time at all the Pillow had soaked up the hydrocarbons that had leaked in after heavy rain, reducing environmental risk and allowing us to deal with the issue without having to contact a third party. Since our initial demonstration, we have used the Polymer Pillows on several jobs, such as cleaning up manholes and dewatering trenches and excavations. We also have a couple in our catchment pit where the plant machinery gets cleaned after every job.The EnviroPad has also become an invaluable kit for our Fitters. We really could not be happier with these products."

Rob Percival, Service Manager, AJK Plant Hire