Using the Enviro Horn Drain Filter prevents sediment, contaminants, and debris from your site entering the surface water drainage system.

Ideal for house building sites, wheel wash areas, entrances and exists to construction sites, motorway projects. The EnviroHorn is listed on the Considerate  Constrtuctors Best Practice Hub.

  • Avoid fines and the cost and downtime of unblocking drains
  • Oil & sediment version retains up to 1L of hydrocarbon sheen
  • retains up to 21kg of sediment
  • Water discharged to EA-accepted levels
  • Simply empty and reuse
  • Can be emptied in situ
  • Instructions printed on the top
  • Install in 5 minutes

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Install an EnviroHorn

Simply insert the EnviroHorn inside the drain (gulley) with all sides overlapped on the outside, replace the drain cover, cut the sides to size and tape down to hold in place. Any surface water will drain through the filter and retain sediment and debris that get's washed down, stopping the drains from blocking.

• Retains up to 21kg of sediment
• Robust and reusable up to 20 times
• Retains up to 21kg of sediment
• Robust and reusable up to 20 times

Watch how the Green Rhino EnviroHorn Filter works

Take a look at how the GreenRhino® EnviroHorn filters work and you'll agree that these easy to use and cost effective filters are the perfect solution to preventing sediment, contaminants, and debris from your site entering the drainage system.

Do You Have Any Questions? 

We'd be happy to answer questions you have about the Green Rhino EnviroHorn filters. We aim to respond the same working day.

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