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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Water Pump


Understanding which type of water pump is suited to your application is critical to reduce costs and maximise the lifespan of the pumping system selected. Pumps are typically classified by the way they move fluids and common types include submersible, centrifugal and poly pumps.








Submersible pumps are suitable for pumping both clean and dirty water. Typical applications include drainage of flood water, pumping water from basements and cleaning ponds or pools. Able to move water quickly and efficiently, submersible pumps are well known for their exceptional durability but it is important to ensure that the tank size is correct for the job it has to perform, that it is the correct choice of pump for the task in hand and that it doesn’t run dry during operation. One submersible pump which is ideally suited for draining flooded cellars, basements and burst water mains is the Tsurumi LB480 automatic submersible pump which instantly switches off when no water is detected, making it suitable for periods of continuous use. It is available in both 110V and 230V options. 







Centrifugal pumps have a wide range of clean and dirty water applications and move fluids by rotating a wheel - otherwise known as the impeller - to create suction within the chamber. Centrifugal pumps are the most suitable choice for pumping lower viscosity liquids and high flow rates. Typical applications include transferring water for garden ponds, garden irrigation, emptying swimming pools, pumping slurry, handling of residential, commercial and industrial seepage and pumping water from excavations, fish farms, construction sites and cooling towers. Centrifugal pumps extend from lightweight models which can be connected to the garden hose, such as the 1”/25mm Honda WB10X which is ideal for homeowners, gardeners and boat owners to the heavier duty 2”/50mm Honda WB20 model which is more suited for larger scale transferring of water, such as water containing silt or sand from trenches on construction sites. The WB20 pairs a Honda GX industrial grade petrol engine with an abrasion resistant cast iron volute and impeller.




Available in both petrol and diesel models, poly pumps will generally handle most of what centrifugal pumps can’t. They are ideal for the transfer of non-abrasive, but aggressive liquids such as detergents, agricultural chemicals and seawater. Examples include Taskman poly pumps which are self-priming and are able to deal with liquids that would normally cause corrosion of the rubber, aluminium and cast iron components found in conventional engine driven pumps. They are widely used in agricultural applications but also have many industrial uses.





When it comes to accessories such as layflat delivery and suction hose, use a high quality grade material for longevity.