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CAMON has been well known within the UK Hire Industry for garden machinery that is built to survive the rigours of continuous use without compromising performance. CAMON machines have become firm favourites for rental companies who know they can depend upon their reliability, performance, and ease of use each time they go out on hire.

Within the CAMON product range you have the industry leading TC07 turf cutter and LS42 scarifier which are both products which have been tried, tested and trusted for years. Powered by Honda Petrol Engines, the complete CAMON range of machinery are buit for maximum performance whilst maintaining the durability and robustness they have always been known for.

Seddon Plant and Engineers Ltd are an authorised dealer of the complete range of CAMON products and we provide machine sales, part identication, part sales, repair work, service work and warranty repairs. Take a look at the products on offer below.


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CAMON Turf Cutter

CAMON have developed and designed the market leading turf cutter which has become the industry standard machine for Hire companies across the UK. The CAMON TC07 will allow you to effortlessly remove old turf to either regrow a new lawn or to try an artifical lawn alternative.

To ensure this machines reliability and durability CAMON have chosen the robust Honda GX160 petrol engine to be at its core. With it's 12"/30cm blade it will cut a wide strip of turf cleanly and quickly which can be adjusted for depth from 10mm to 35mm, making this a highly effective self propelled machine if you are a gardener or contractor looking to landscape turfed areas.

Models • TC07

CAMON Lawn Scarifiers

Most Lawns, at sometime or other, will benefit from scarifying, it can allow the lawn to breath making it look greener and healthier. Overtime your lawn can build up too much thatch or suffer from a build up of moss, this is where the scarifier comes in to play. A scarifier will help to remove moss and excess thatch by using its blades to pull it from the ground. This in turn allows air to reach the base of the grass and improve drainage. 

CAMON have created a range of high performance scarifiers suitable for domestic end users all the way up to professional users in both the landscaper and hire market. All machines within the range are powered by Honda petrol engines ensuring reliability and power from the get go. CAMON have developed their scarifier range to be versatile too by allowing different options on the catridges. This gives you the choice of free swinging blades, fixed blades or a spring rake set up. With these options, even the toughest of tasks will seem easy. 

Models • LS14 • LS42 • LS52

CAMON Lawn Aerator

Aerators are a simple way of getting the best out of your lawn, They punch small holes in to your lawn and soil with the aim of providing air circulation, better drainage and water consumption for the roots of the grass. Aerators can break through the tatch layer built up within the grass but don't remove it like a scarifier would, it is recommended to aerate your lawn in either Autumn or Spring and newer lawns should be aerated more often to help them develop and grow.

CAMON have designed and developed the LA25 Lawn Aerator to cope with the demands of the professional user. This unit is powered by the reliable Honda GX160 petrol engine ensuring high performance and durability is at its core. Like all CAMON units, the LA25 has been made to be versatile and offers a range of tine options to help you achieve the best results for your lawn.

Models • LA25

CAMON Garden Shredders

When maintaning or landscaping any garden there is always going to be additional watse, such as branches, twigs and leafy material. The volume of this material can become quite large and removing it can become a job in itself. However with a Garden shredder you can significantly reduce the volume of watse meaning less trips to the tip or you can use the waste (material dependant) to be used on your compost heap saving you both time and money. 

CAMON have a range of portable garden shredders suitable for domestic and professional use. Powered by Honda petrol engines they have been designed and developed to handle the toughest of tasks. The CAMON C50i which is the most popular unit is capable of taking material up to 2" and has a hardened chipping blade to ensure longevity and durability. 

Models • C50i • BIO 80

CAMON Stump Grinder

Stump Grinders are the perfect way of removing tree stumps in your garden or any other areas that you want to landscape. They work by essentially cutting down the stump to below ground level with the aid of a circular cutting wheel fitted with carbide teeth. Using a stump grinder is the most efficient way of removing a stump and saves your back trying to dig them out.

CAMON have the SG30 stump grinder in their product range and like all their other machinery, it's been designed and developed to give you high performance whilst ensuring durability. Powered by the Honda GX390 petrol engine, this unit gives you 13hp and is equipped with the industry standard Greenteeth to tackle the strongest of stumps. Meaning not only is it durable, its cost effective too when the teeth need replacing.

Models • SG30

Replacement Parts

As with any machinery, eventually you will need to replace a part. Well we have you covered, you can access the range of CAMON parts diagrams and lists to help you find the correct spare part you require. If you need any additional help in sourcing a spare part then please send a request through our Contact Us Page.
We have been supplying CAMON Products for many years and our staff have extensive CAMON Machinery and replacement spare parts knowledge to help you choose the right unit for your needs. We can answer any queries you may have related to either the machinery, replacement spare parts, service, repair and warranty work if required.

Since 1951 our staff have provided a first-class customer service and have been sharing their many years of product knowledge with customers - Buy your CAMON Products from Seddons. 

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