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Brushcutter's are designed to tame large overgrown grassy areas and with the right cutting tools, the speed, safeness and efficiency that this can be done can be greatly improved. Having the right cutting accessory for your brushcutter can ensure the tasks at hand are carried out in the most efficient way and the machinery you have is being utilised in the best possible manner.  This sometimes allows you to tackle applications that you wouldn't think were possible with a brushcutter which in turn saves you downtime and money because you already have the tool needed.

Our Brushcutter Accessory guide is designed to provide you with the information and specification details that you require to choose the correct cutting tool, guard or replacement mowing line dependant on the application, machine type and vegetation being cut. We have also included harness', blade guards and replacement parts for your existing mowing heads to ensure you are able to use your brushcutters in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Take a look at our guide and product finder below to see which brushcutter accessory would be best suited for you and your machinery.

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Mowing Heads

Mowing Heads are the standard cutting tool of choice for many brushcutters, they are designed for tackling overgrown grassy areas and contain different sizes of mowing line dependant on the model and manufacturer. There are many different types of mowing heads available, each with their own advantages including how the mowing line is fed as you use the mowing head and having the potential to use different types of mowing line for different applications (model dependant).

APPLICATIONS • Grass & Light Vegetation • Heavy Vegetation 

ADVANTAGES  • Different Mowing Line Sizes • Good Overall Cutting Ability • Good Value for Money


Mowing Line

Mowing Line is used in Mowing Line Heads and there are various types available which come in different thickness', shapes and lengths. The type you can use is dependant on the brushcutter and the mowing line head fitted as not all heads can take thicker lines and not all units are powerful enough to get the right head speed to optimise the cutting ability of the line. Round mowing line is the most popular and is predominately used for trimming and mowing work, Square line gives you more of a cutting edge and is used for woody grass or weeds and Pentagonal line is for universal use with high cutting performance.

APPLICATIONS • Grass & Light Vegetation • Heavy Vegetation 

ADVANTAGES  • Different Mowing Line Sizes • Good Overall Cutting Ability • Good Value for Money


Metal Cutting Tools

Metal Cutting Tools can be used for a variety of different applications and are predominately used when Mowing Heads aren't capable of tackling the task at hand. Different Metal Cutting Tools are available including Grass cutting blades, Shredder blades, Circular saw blades and Brush Knifes, all these tools have their advantages dependant on the work being carried out. When using Metal Cutting Tools it is important that you ensure you have the correct guard fitted dependant on the blade being used.

APPLICATIONS • Grass & Light Vegetation • Heavy Vegetation • Reeds & Bushes • Bushes & Thin Trees • Small Trees & Clean Wood

ADVANTAGES  • Various Application Uses • Excellent Overall Cutting Ability • Specialised Cutting Blades For Tough Clearing Jobs


Brushcutter Guards

When using cutting accessories there are different guards that have to be fitted to ensure the brushcutter is safe to use whilst protecting the operator from the potential of debris and material from being thrown towards them. Mowing Line Guards have a fitted blade inside to cut any excess mowing line down to the correct size, this ensures the brushcutter isn't put under too much load and the machine is used at its optimum capacity. Metal Cutting Tool Guards come in a variety of different shapes and sizes dependant on the blade being used, it is important to check that you are using the right guard for the blade being fitted due to the speed and power of the cutting tools. Universal Guards allow you to use both mowing heads and some metal cutting tools excluding shredder blades and circular saw blades.

GUARD TYPES • Mowing Line Guards • Metal Cutting Tool Guards • Circular Saw Stop & Guards 



Using the correct Harness for your brushcutter ensures that the weight is being evenly distributed when in use and it takes the strain from your arms and back. Some harness also allow accessories such as bags for mowing line or spare batteries for the cordless range to be carried.

HARNESS SIZES (Model Dependant) • Chest From : 99 cm - Up to : 155 cm • Waist From : 90 cm - Up to : 160 cm

ADVANTAGES  • Correct Weight Distribution • Additional Accessories Can Be Fitted • Less Strain On Operator


Mowing Head Replacement Parts

Mowing Heads naturally become worn as they are used for tackling overgrown grassy areas and some heavy vegetation. As the heads spin they can hit the ground or other obstacles in the area being cleared, the good thing is that you don't always need to purchase a new replacement head as spare parts are available. You can also purchase replacement pre-wound spools which contain mowing line as a quick replacement for when you run out to save downtime.

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