The Ultimate Guide To The Best Brushcutter Accessories - Improve Your Gardening Game With The Right Equipment.

What Is A Brushcutter And How Can Accessories Help?

Brushcutters are an essential piece of gardening equipment for anyone looking to keep their outdoor spaces looking in tip-top condition. They can be powered by Petrol, Electric or Battery but ultimately, they are used for the same task. From trimming grass to clearing away overgrown weeds or other forms of thick vegetation, brushcutters provide a powerful and efficient way to get the job done. With the right brush cutter accessories, you can make your gardening tasks a whole lot easier to achieve and more enjoyable.

The Different Types Of Brushcutter Accessories

To make the most of your brushcutter, it’s important to understand the different types of accessories available and how they can be used. The most common accessories are :
  • Mowing Heads, Strimmer Heads or Trimmer Heads
  • Mowing Line or Strimmer Line
  • Metal Cutting Tools
  • Brushcutter Guards
  • Harnesses

Mowing Heads, Strimmer Heads or Trimmer Heads

All three are essentially the same accessory, it just varies on what they are called by the manufacturer. This accessory is a type of head used on the Brushcutter to tackle grass edges and smaller types of vegetation, they typically have two or four nylon cutting lines that are fed out of the head as the machine is being used. The size and shape of the nylon cutting line can vary dependant on the type of head being used and the manufacturers guidelines.

Additionally there are different types of Mowing, Strimmer and Trimmer Heads but the two main ones are :
  • Bump feed mowing heads: Bump feed mowing heads are the most common type of mowing head. They are easy to use and maintain. To use a bump feed mowing head, simply bump the head against the ground and the cutting line will be automatically fed out.
  • Automatic feed mowing heads: Automatic feed mowing heads are more expensive than bump feed mowing heads, but they are easier to use. Automatic feed mowing heads have a spool that holds the nylon cutting line. As the brushcutter is being used, the cutting line will automatically be fed out from the spool.

Mowing Line

Mowing line, also known as strimmer line, is the type of nylon cord that is used in mowing, strimmer or trimmer heads. It is made of a strong, durable material that can withstand the high speeds and forces generated by the Brushcutter when in use. Mowing line is available in a variety of colours, thicknesses, lengths, and shapes which can be purchased in spools or pre-cut lengths. The type you can use is dependent on the Brushcutter and the mowing line head fitted as not all heads can take thicker lines and not all units are powerful enough to get the right head speed to optimise the cutting ability of the line.

Metal Cutting Tools

Brushcutter metal cutting tools are attachments that can be used with a brushcutter to cut thick grass, heavy vegetation such as stronger weed growth and brush. They are usually made of steel or carbide and have sharp teeth or blades that can easily slice through tough materials. They are a convenient and effective way to clear larger more overgrown areas which mowing heads and other accessories may struggle to cope with.

Some of the most common types of Brushcutter Metal Cuttings Tools are :

  • Brush knives: Brush knives are the most common type of metal cutting tool for brushcutters. They have a number of sharp blades that are arranged in a 2-prong or 3-prong pattern. Brush knives are ideal for cutting through thick vegetation, such as tall grass and weeds.
  • Circular saw blades: Circular saw blades are another type of metal cutting tool for brushcutters. They have a series of sharp blades that are surrounded by a purpose built guard. Circular saw blades are ideal for cutting through thin vegetation, such as brush. They can also be used to cut hedges and small tree saplings depending on the power of the Brushcutter being used.
  • Shredder blades: Shredder blades are a type of metal cutting tool that is designed to shred vegetation into small pieces. Shredder blades are ideal for recycling vegetation.

Brushcutter Guards

Brushcutter guards are designed to protect the operator from flying debris and objects when using a Brushcutter. They are usually made of metal or plastic dependant on the cutting tool attached and are designed to deflect debris away from the operator making them an important safety feature.


A harness is used alongside a Brushcutter to distribute the weight of the machin evenly across the operators body. This helps to prevent back pain and other injuries that can occur when using the machine for a prolonged period of time.

The main benefits of using a harness with a Brushcutter are :

  • Reduces back pain -  A harness can help to reduce back pain by distributing the weight of the brushcutter evenly across the operator's body. This is especially important when using a brushcutter for extended periods of time.
  • Improved balance - A harness can also help to improve balance by keeping the Brushcutter close to the operator's body. This can help to prevent accidents by making it easier to control the Brushcutter.
  • Providing freedom of movement - A harness can also provide freedom of movement by allowing the operator to move around more easily. This can be helpful when working in tight spaces or when working around obstacles.
  • Increased safety -  A harness can also increase safety by preventing the Brushcutter from accidentally being dropped. This can help to prevent serious injuries.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Brushcutter Accessories


There are many things to consider when looking at brushcutter accessories. Here are a few of the most important factors:

  • Type of Brushcutter -  The type of brushcutter you have will determine what accessories are compatible with it. For example, a petrol powered brushcutter will have different accessories compared to an electric or cordless unit. Also the manufacturer of the Brushcutter will recommend which accessories are suitable for different machine models so it is important to follow these guidelines.
  • Purpose - What will you be using the brushcutter for? If you need to clear brush and small trees, you will need different accessories than if you are only trimming grass and weeds. You might be able to get one accessory that covers a multitude of applications which will make it more cost effective over the lifetime of the machine.
  • Quality -  Not all Brushcutter accessories are designed and developed equally. It is important to buy quality accessories that will last which is why you can trust all the accessories we supply at Seddon Plant & Engineers Ltd.

Our Brushcutter Accessory Guide & Quick Reference Finder


Here at Seddon Plant & Engineers Ltd we are main dealers for STIHL, Honda and Husqvarna and we understand that with the number of accessories available it can be hard to ensure you are choosing the correct tool for specific applications and that it will fit the current machine you have. Well we have you covered as we have created a Guide and Quick Reference Finder specifically for that purpose.

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