Comparing Mulching Lawn Mowers and Collection Lawn Mowers - Which is Best for Your Garden?

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What are Mulching & Collection Lawn Mowers?

Lawn Mowers are essential tools for keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy. There are many different types of lawn mowers available, but two of the most popular are mulching and collection mowers.

Mulching Lawn Mowers cut grass into small pieces that can be left on the lawn to decompose naturally, whilst Collection Lawn Mowers collect grass clippings in a bag or container. Both types of lawn mower can provide excellent results when used correctly, so it is important to understand their differences and how they work in order to choose the right one for you and for your garden.


The Advantages of Using a Mulching Lawn Mower

Mulching Lawn Mowers offer a range of benefits for professionals and homeowners alike. For that reason they are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages over other lawn mower types.

Mulching Lawn Mowers are equipped with special cutting blades that cut the grass into small pieces, which are then spread out over the lawn as mulch. This process helps to retain moisture in the soil, which increases soil fertility and reduces the amount of water needed to keep your grass looking lush. It also reduces the amount of grass clippings that need to be disposed of as the majority are left within the lawn. Also you will find that lawns cut this way have the tendency to be healthier and require less time and effort to maintain. 


The Disadvantages of Using a Mulching Lawn Mower

While these machines offer a number of advantages, there are some disadvantages that should be taken into consideration before investing in one.

Mulching Lawn Mowers are not designed to handle long grass. If the grass is too high, the mower will simply leave behind a mess of clippings and debris that requires more effort to clean up. This is particularly true during the spring when the grass grows more quickly and requires more frequent cutting.  

Cutting this way also leads to having more Grass clippings which are an unavoidable nuisance when it comes to moving or walking around the garden. Despite their small size, they can stick to shoes and end up inside the house when damp, which can be a source of irritation to some people.  Too many grass clippings being left on the lawn can also lead to the growth of unwanted moss, especially in damper areas of the UK.

To avoid this, you can mow your lawn more often which will help reduce the amount of clippings left behind. However, this may mean using more fuel and investing more of your own time into the task.

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The Advantages of Using a Collection Lawn Mower

Collection lawn mowers are the best way to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy. They offer a range of advantages over other types of mowers, including their collection and bagging system for grass clipping removal and the added ability to have a rear roller as an option which leaves you with a stripped finish. 

Cutting in this way can benefit other areas of your garden, not just your lawn. By collecting the grass clippings you can then use this to compost or as mulch for other areas that may need some fertilisation. Doing this also allows the Lawn to breathe and helps to prevent moss and tatch build up which would then require further attention by way of an aerator or even a scarifier.


The Disadvantages of Using a Collection Lawn Mower

Collection lawn mowers are a great way to quickly and efficiently mow your lawn. However, they do have some drawbacks that may make them less desirable than other types of mowers. One major disadvantage is part of the collecting system for grass clipping removal. This system can be time consuming when having to be emptied, it may also require frequent emptying depending on the length, size and thickness of your lawn. Cleaning of the bag or box which collects the grass can be difficult too,  no matter how many times it is washed, there are bound to be some grass clippings still left inside due to their nature of sticking when damp.

An Additional disadvantage is that collection lawn mowers can be more expensive than non-collection models due to their additional components, and their large size makes them harder to store in small spaces such as a shed.

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Which Type Of Mower Is Best For Me?

Choosing the right type of Lawn Mower whether that is a Mulching or Collecting unit, for yourself and your lawn can be a daunting task. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvnatges of both as well as factors such as cost, size, and additional features to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. There are also Lawn Mowers which can offer both collection and Mulching options which give you the best of both worlds.

If you would like expert advice on which Lawn Mower would be most suitable then Get In Touch, we would love to hear from you.

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