Gearing Up For The Future Of Machinery Repair

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Expanded Workshop Capacity

At Seddon Plant & Engineers Ltd, we've always prided ourselves on offering exceptional after-sales service to support our machinery sales. This commitment extends to providing a trusted source for repairs across a large number of leading industry brands.

Recently, we've increased our workshop capacity at the Birmingham branch by welcoming a new, highly skilled engineer Charlie. This expansion translates to reduced lead times for repairs, ensuring we can get equipment back up and running swiftly. Furthermore, it allows us to maintain the unwavering quality standards we have set ourselves.

Our commitment to continuous improvement extends beyond just capacity. We understand the industry's growing adoption of Li-Ion technology as a power source. This shift necessitates specialised knowledge and equipment for accurate diagnostics.

Anticipating these changing trends, we've ensured our workshops are equipped with the necessary tools and software to effectively diagnose and address any fault codes or underlying issues within Li-Ion powered machinery.

With our new improved capacity, our workshops can now undertake contract work alongside end-user repairs for machinery from all the leading industry brands we represent, including STIHL Great Britain , Husqvarna Construction UK , Toro U.K. Limited , Altrad Belle , Honda Power Equipment, Honda Engines Europe, Winget Limited, MBW EUROPE LTD, Norton Clipper, and Taskman, among others.

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