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New Product Reduces Waste Disposal Costs

13/09/2013 New Product Reduces Waste Disposal Costs

Opportunity to reduce the cost of waste management disposal has been made possible by Seddons (Plant & Engineers). No longer do you have to take contaminated water away by vacuum tanker, thus resulting in huge reduction in waste disposal costs and lengthy down time in some cases up to 48hrs. These significant business savings are made possible with the use of Green Rhino Dewatering Pillow that uses a smart polymer technology to absorb up to a litre of hydrocarbon turning it to a rubber-like solid.


The Green Rhino 1 litre Dewatering Pillows will remove hydrocarbon contaminants such as; oil, diesel and hydraulic fluid from the surface of water down to acceptable levels for discharge. As they absorb and become solid the pillows can be removed by hand and disposed of easily allowing the water to then be pumped safely. Using Green Rhino oil & sediment filter during the pump process gives further confidence that no harm will come to the environment.


The pillows come part of a ‘Green Rhino Dewatering Pack’ available with a choice of 5, 10 or 15 pillows and come complete with 1 x oil and sediment filter, pair of rubber gloves, oil detection strips and is supplied in a 25 litre UN approved transportable container. The dewatering pack is proving to be a very attractive solution for companies registered for BSN EN ISO 14001 certification.


This cost saving product is manufactured in the UK by Capture Green Ltd designed to provide ‘instant solution to environment pollution’ and is available through all seven branches of Seddons (Plant & Engineers) Ltd. More information can be found at www.capturegreen.com

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