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The Modern Method of Spill Containment

08/07/2016 The Modern Method of Spill Containment

There are now modern means of spill containment available that overcome the flaws associated with traditional drip trays. One such product is the multi award-winning EnviroPad from Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd which utilises unique polymer technology to capture spills and drips from workplace activities when carrying out on-site repair and maintenance, storage or refuelling of plant, tools, generators, groundcare or similar equipment, or when storing oil or fuel containers on-site.

Alternative products simply absorb oil like a sponge but the EnviroPad retains and ‘locks in’ hydrocarbons such as oil, diesel or petrol into the polymer, massively reducing the risk of pollution entering the environment. Hydrocarbons are instantly trapped, solidified and immobilised into a non-leaching, dry rubber-like mass. The EnviroPad is available in three sizes, the largest of which can retain up to 28 litres of hydrocarbons. Spill containment is essential as those who cause pollution or allow it to occur may be committing a criminal offence.

The EnviroPad is lightweight and when not in use, can be easily rolled or folded and stored away. It can be repeatedly used until it is completely solidified, at which point it can simply be disposed of into standard hazardous waste bins. The large EnviroPad is suitable for seating larger plant that can potentially leak oil, such as lighting towers and compressors, and equipment can be easily wheeled or placed onto it.

The innovative properties and environmental benefits of the EnviroPad have been recognised by the fact that the product has won the Environmental Innovation Award at the North West Green Hero Awards and the highest Gold Level accolade in the ‘Pollution Prevention’ category of the Green Apple Environmental Awards for Best Practice.

The EnviroPad is available from nine Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd branches nationwide, by contacting 0845 230 4862

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