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New Stihl Cut-off Saws

01/07/2016 New Stihl Cut-off Saws

Seddons Plant Offers Stihl Cut-off Saws with New Electronic Water Control System

Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd offers two Stihl cut-off saws which incorporate a new electronic water control system for total dust suppression. The Stihl TS 480i and TS 500i have 12” and 14” cutting wheels respectively and are designed for cutting concrete, stone, asphalt and bricks in general construction and roadbuilding. They are the first cut-off saws on the market to utilise an electronic water control feature, revolutionising wet cutting and making it more efficient and reliable.

This new feature enables the operator to make precise adjustments to the water supply - simply with three push buttons. The plus and minus buttons are used to adjust the water flow precisely to cutting requirements and the water supply stops immediately when the autostop button is pressed. The water supply also switches off automatically when idling.

The Stihl TS 480i and TS 500i are compact and lightweight, making them easy to handle whilst remaining very rugged. The anti-vibration system has been further developed to avoid operator fatigue and an innovative filter system with cyclone pre-separation ensures optimum power at all times and cuts maintenance costs.

Both models are available from nine Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd branches nationwide, by contacting 0845 230 4862

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