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BLOODHOUND announces date for world record attempt

07/07/2016 BLOODHOUND announces date for world record attempt

We're delighted to announce that the target date for BLOODHOUND's 800mph world land speed record attempt is October 2017; 20 years after Thrust SSC set the existing record. Funding has been secured, with major deals recently signed, and race preparation is underway for high speed runs at the Hakskeen Pan, Northern Cape, South Africa, in Autumn next year.

BLOODHOUND SSC will travel under its own power for the first time at Newquay in June 2017, in a slow speed shakedown test at around 220mph (354km/h). This will also be an opportunity for the team to practice live-streaming data and imagery from the car.

Project Director Richard Noble said, “This is probably the biggest moment in the Project’s history - now we can put our foot down and really go for it! We’re in this position thanks to the incredible support of our partners and sponsors, and the dedication and sacrifice of many people, including a skeleton crew who have held the fort recently. Most of all it has been the amazing public response that has sustained us. Thousands of children up and down the country are racing Model Rocket Cars and there is tremendous public enthusiasm for the Project wherever we go."

Equipment supplied by Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd is being used as part of an attempt to try and smash the world land speed record. The company is providing a total of five Honda Generators for use by the BLOODHOUND project team which consists of some of the world’s most revered engineering talent.

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