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A Commendable Cause

01/06/2015 A Commendable Cause

We have many employees who carry out commendable fundraising initiatives outside of work and a special mention must go to Seamus Flynn, Driver from our Birmingham branch. Seamus and his wife Sue are heavily involved in assisting the Batthula Care Trust, a registered charity which raises money to help families in India with leprosy.


Leprosy is the leading cause of permanent disability in the world and stigma against the disease due to its disfiguring effects causes its victims to be isolated and shunned. 55% of leprosy cases in the world are in India and in many states sufferers are banned from everyday routines such as travelling on trains.


For the past 10 years or so, Seamus and Sue have helped fundraise for the Batthula Care Trust through their local church, and their efforts have helped to build a school and two orphanages in the Leper colonies. For the first time, they actually visited India in January of this year and saw first-hand how many Leper families typically live in huts made from branches, leaves and mud.


The Batthula Care Trust is raising money to build better homes with brick walls and proper roofs and to provide essentials such as blankets, school uniforms, text books and funding medical bills. Well done Seamus and Sue, this really is commendable and we would like to applaud you for the generosity of your time and efforts.


What is Leprosy?
Leprosy is an infectious disease typically associated with poverty. If left untreated, leprosy can lead to nerve damage and muscle paralysis, which causes clawed fingers and foot drop. Loss of sensation in the hands and feet means everyday activities are fraught with danger - burns go unrecognised and stones in shoes unnoticed leading to ulcers. These can be difficult to heal and become infected, often leading to the shortening of fingers and toes or ultimately, amputation of limbs.


Leprosy can also lead to blindness. An effective cure for leprosy has been available since 1982 in the form of multidrug therapy, a combination of three drugs taken daily for six to 12 months. But while treatment halts the progression of this cruel disease, it cannot turn the clock back in terms of disability.


The Batthula Care Trust needs help and support to:


• Build 15 homes for people suffering from leprosy. It costs £3,000 to build each home
• Buy school uniforms at £10 each
• Buy text and note books at £20 per pupil
• Purchase clothes and blankets for the poor and elderly - it is £4.50 for a blanket and £10 to buy clothes
• Send a child to school for £120 a year


To make a donation, please visit www.bcaretrust.com

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