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STOP PRESS! Green Glory for EnviroPad

18/08/2014 STOP PRESS! Green Glory for EnviroPad

Pictured from left to right: Managing Director Stephen Seddon and National Accounts Manager Pete McMutrie

We’d just like to share some very exciting news with you. We’re very proud to announce that our innovative EnviroPad has won a prestigious award in recognition of its ability to prevent pollution. The EnviroPad has won a Green Apple Environmental Award for Best Practice, an awards programme which recognises Britain’s greenest organisations, and we are collecting the award at The Houses of Parliament in November. The EnviroPad presents a revolutionary method of spill containment which allows you to use or store plant, tools or refuelling containers whilst preventing the leakage of hazardous fluids such as oil, diesel or petrol into the environment. Here are just some of its many features and benefits:


  • • Designed to replace traditional drip trays and absorbent products
  • • Unique - unlike any other product on the market
  • • Utilises unique polymer technology to retain spills and drips when using or storing plant or tools
  • • Helps organisations to avoid prosecution and heavy environmental fines for contaminated ground water
  • • Offers huge advantages over alternative products, as it retains and ‘locks in’ oil, diesel and petrol, solidifying and immobilising hazardous fluids into a dry, rubber-like mass

Three sizes available

So don’t just take our word for how innovative the EnviroPad is – we’ve had it officially confirmed!

To find out more about the award-winning EnviroPad, contact us today on 0845 230 4862


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